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  SQL Server Tips by Robin Schumacher

Establishing a Smart Monitoring Plan

The goals of a successful SQL Server Performance Monitoring Plan include the following:

  • Stop Unwanted Downtime: Naturally, key database servers must be kept available for use by the business systems that need access to data.

  • Reduce Time to Detect and Resolve Performance Problems: Some businesses have the potential to lose tens of thousands of dollars per hour when a database is down or in trouble. Therefore, it is critically important that a staff is able to restore a database to peak performance in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Proactively Remove Threats to Key Databases: It is much better to detect that a SQL Server transaction log is 70% full and take action rather than waiting for it to be 100% full and denying transactions from completing.

  • Increase Staff Knowledge and Productivity: Database opinion polls routinely state that a DBA spends anywhere from 27-44% of their time monitoring and troubleshooting database systems. Data center managers need their staff to be fully educated and up-to-speed on the best database troubleshooting techniques available so they can quickly resolve performance issues and move on to more strategic tasks.

To help troubleshoot and optimize the performance of today’s complex SQL Server systems, database professionals either build homegrown scripts or turn to software that is designed to monitor the activity of a busy system. The goal of either approach is to smartly present statistical data in a meaningful way so that the DBA or developer can confirm acceptable availability and performance, or recognize a potential threat as far in advance as possible and take action.

The above book excerpt is from:

High-Performance SQL Server DBA
Tuning & Optimization Secrets

ISBN: 0-9761573-6-5
Robin Schumacher  


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